The Cat Breed No One Is Talking About & Why You Should Know Your Own Cat's Breed.

Cat Breeds & Why They Matter.

Some people are surprised to learn that there are in fact at least 73 different breeds of cats. All of which can come in different colors, sizes & personalities. My all time favorite has been the Ragdoll. I also love calicoes & tortoiseshells- although they are known for being CRAZY & prone to extreme mood swings lol.

However, with a demeanor similar to that of the docile & affectionate Ragdoll, it seems that no one is talking about the silvery minx otherwise known as the Nebelung.


Fun Fact: The Munchkin cat breed is a popular choice for owners looking for an adorable, intelligent & fun sized cat companion. Learn more about this unique breed here.

What Is A Nebulung Cat?

A Nebulung cat is a rather uncommon & fairly new cat breed. At first glance, one might think it's merely a long hair Russian Blue. While the Nebulung breed did originate from a Russian Blue, this cat breed is different in that it has long, silky fur and a slightly different (and slightly cuter, if you ask me) face.

The great thing about the Nebulung, is that since it did originate from the hypoallergenic Russian Blue- this means that it too is more than likely to have hypoallergenic traits! This means good news for cat lovers like myself, that sadly, also happen to be allergic to the curious species.


Fun Fact: Calico & tortoiseshell cats are almost always only female. Learn more about why here.

Why You Should Know More About Cat Breeds Before Adopting One.

As I said earlier, a cat breed can determine the personality & demeanor of a cat. While it's not a clear cut and dry determining factor, it is very important to take into consideration!

So, if you're looking to adopt a cat, I highly recommend doing a little research on the different breeds. What you'll find is that some breeds are going to fit into your lifestyle & preferences better than others.

For example, if you tend to have bad allergies, you would probably want to look up hypoallergenic breeds. Or, if you like to live a relatively calm & relaxing lifestyle, and you don't have a lot of time to devote to entertaining & exercising a cat- then you would want to adopt a more docile breed such as the Ragdoll or Nebulung. A less than ideal choice in this case might be the energetic & fiesty calico.


Fun Fact: Orange tabby cats are almost always only males.

Where To Learn About Cat Breeds.

In any case, a great place to begin researching and learning about the different cat breeds is Also, if you have any additional questions or comments in regards to this post then please feel free to comment below!

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