Create Your Own Sunshine: 28-Day Self Love Workbook
Create Your Own Sunshine: 28-Day Self Love Workbook
Create Your Own Sunshine: 28-Day Self Love Workbook
Create Your Own Sunshine: 28-Day Self Love Workbook
Create Your Own Sunshine: 28-Day Self Love Workbook
Create Your Own Sunshine: 28-Day Self Love Workbook
Create Your Own Sunshine: 28-Day Self Love Workbook
Create Your Own Sunshine: 28-Day Self Love Workbook
Create Your Own Sunshine: 28-Day Self Love Workbook
Create Your Own Sunshine: 28-Day Self Love Workbook

Create Your Own Sunshine: 28-Day Self Love Workbook

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Get out of your own way and begin your journey on the path towards becoming your best and truest self.

Journey down the path of personal development while developing healthy habits, and a stronger mindset. This workbook will effectively guide and assist you in your journey to living a more intentional, meaningful, and happy life.

Think of this workbook as a daily devotional to yourself- outside of the religious framework. It's particularly perfect for you if you're going through a traumatic or sudden life change. Maybe you're trying to find peace and happiness after a breakup, loss of a loved one, or you simply are ready to make a positive change and level up your life mentally, physically, and spiritually!

Here’s all you have to gain from this expert-designed e-book:

Discover who you truly are: Using self-reflection, self-care activities, and self-assessments you will discover amazing things you’ve forgotten or never even realized about yourself.

Make peace with yourself: The daily challenges over the next 28 days are meant to help you develop your self-awareness and self-acceptance. It’s time to stop ignoring the inner voice that is begging you to take action towards loving and embracing your true self.

Unlock your own potential: You are capable of more than you imagine, stronger than you realize, and worthy of achieving all your dreams and aspirations.

Each day includes:

  • Daily checklist
  • Daily activity
  • Daily journal tasks
  • Daily journal prompt
  • Space for each day to journal and takes notes

List of the 28 Challenges:

1. Create a Vision Board
2. Pick A Healthy Diet
3. Throw Away 10 Things
4. Listen To A Podcast
5. Get Flexible With Yoga
6. What's Your Myer Briggs?
7. Play A Video Game
8. Clean Out Your Closet
9. Take A Bath
10. Play With A Pet
11. What's Your Attachment Style?
12. Meditate With A Guide
13. Ride A Bike
14. Call A Friend
15. Go On A Picnic
16. Declutter A Space
17. Take A Hike
18. Make A Budget
19. Read A Book
20. What's Your Love Language?
21. Get Sweaty
22. Watch A Movie
23. Clean Your Car
24. Go Stargazing
25. What's Your Enneagram
26. Wash Your Sheets
27. Dance Like No One's Watching
28. Practice “Blue Mind”

What You Will Achieve:

  • Purpose & Direction: Gain clarity as to what you truly want of your life, so you can map out the best route to take hold of it.

  • Increased Self-Esteem: More confidence, a greater sense of self worth, and the ability to stand firm in what you believe (aka, assertiveness).

  • Sense of Empowerment: Unlocking your true potential comes with a newfound sense of strength and power. You are the author of your life! It’s time you took the pen and started writing your own story.

  • Decreased Anxiety: Fear and anxiety are crippling even on their best days. Develop the skills necessary to rise above these negative thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Happiness is within your reach, and it’s closer than it may seem!

(This book is 168 pages in length.)

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This LITERALLY changed my life. I realize now how much the self limiting beliefs, the negative self talk- and really just the overall lack of belief in my own abilities was holding me back from living the life I actually wanted.

Vivian S.
Beaufort, SC

"This has truly changed my life and has helped me both physically and mentally. I’ve developed a better relationship with food which has always been difficult for me. Mae is ALWAYS there when I need her. I couldn’t picture my personal development journey with any other coach. Mae is truly the very best."

Bianca K.
Palmetto, Fl

I can't even tell you how much more positive and motivated I feel. Just getting up out of bed every day! I feel like I have purpose, vision- and like anything really is possible.

William D.
Oakley, UT

"One of the best! Definitely recommend for self growth and focus on positive thinking. Mae gave me the knowledge and results I was looking for. She was very professional, knowledgeable, and made every session comfortable. I am thankful for working with Mae."

Jessica C.
Palmetto, Fl

"I started working with Mae about a year ago and with her nutrition, coaching, her consistent motivation- I was able to achieve my goals in losing 95lbs. I haven’t felt this good since I was in middle school and discovered gummy worms. It feels good to finally invest in my body and mind."

Kourtney H.
Sarasota, Fl

ALL I CAN SAY IS HOW DID I NOT FIND THIS SOONER!!!!!! Omg don't even second guess it. That's your shadow self talking. JUST DO IT!!

Melanie P.
Savannah, GA

I found Nanala Cove through Mae's TikTok. First I downloaded the self love workbook since it was such a steal. But then I realized I wanted more so I enrolled in the journaling course. That helped A LOT. But once you get a taste of greatness, you generally crave more. That's when I finally took the leap and signed up for the 28 day course. The meditations, the yoga, the SELF HEALING PROMPTS!!!! I am a new me. And yet I feel more like myself than I did before I started this journey. Thank you NanalaCove!!!

Cassie H.
Fresno, CA

This helped me discover & understand things about myself I had no idea even existed. I feel so confident and I find myself lifting myself up instead of tearing myself down now- without even trying!!

Cameron W.
Austin, TX

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