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Create Your Own Sunshine: 28-Day Self Love Workbook

Create Your Own Sunshine: 28-Day Self Love Workbook

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Get out of your own way and begin your journey on the path towards becoming your best and truest self.

Journey down the path of personal development while developing healthy habits, and a stronger mindset.

This workbook will effectively guide and assist you in your journey to living a more intentional, meaningful, and happy life. Think of this workbook as a daily devotional to yourself- outside of the religious framework.

It's particularly perfect for you if you're going through a traumatic or sudden life change. Maybe you're trying to find peace and happiness after a breakup, loss of a loved one, or you simply are ready to make a positive change and level up your life mentally, physically, and spiritually!


Here’s all you have to gain from this expert-designed e-book:


Discover who you truly are: Using self-reflection, self-care activities, and self-assessments you will discover amazing things you’ve forgotten or never even realized about yourself.

Make peace with yourself: The daily challenges over the next 28 days are meant to help you develop your self-awareness and self-acceptance. It’s time to stop ignoring the inner voice that is begging you to take action towards loving and embracing your true self.

Unlock your own potential: You are capable of more than you imagine, stronger than you realize, and worthy of achieving all your dreams and aspirations.

Each day includes:

  • Daily checklist
  • Daily activity
  • Daily journal tasks
  • Daily journal prompt
  • Space for each day to journal and takes notes

What You Will Achieve:

Purpose & Direction:

Gain clarity as to what you truly want of your life, so you can map out the best route to take hold of it.

Increased Self-Esteem:

More confidence, a greater sense of self worth, and the ability to stand firm in what you believe (aka, assertiveness).

Sense of Empowerment:

Unlocking your true potential comes with a newfound sense of strength and power. You are the author of your life! It’s time you took the pen and started writing your own story.

Decreased Anxiety:

Fear and anxiety are crippling even on their best days. Develop the skills necessary to rise above these negative thoughts, feelings, and emotions.

Happiness is within your reach, and it’s closer than it may seem!

(This book is 168 pages in length.)



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Fall In Love With Yourself.

Begin the journey towards your best & truest self with our 28 day online course. Each day gives you a new self care activity, journal prompt, guided meditation & a quick yoga video.

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