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You were meant to find us.

At Nanala Cove, we believe that nothing is mere coincidence.

If you happened upon our site then we're here to remind you that a happy, healthy, peace filled & abundant life is possible for everybody- especially you!

Here you'll find an overflow of tools, gifts & resources to help you grow, heal & create a life that many have described as "feeling like destiny."

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The blog that started all.

Everything you need to know on your journey to the self! Learn new & inspiring ways to create your dream life so you can live life as your healthiest, happiest & best self.

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about us
Mae Alexis

Hi, my name is Mae and I run!

As a Certified Master Life Coach, my passion and expertise lies in helping others overcome their own self limiting beliefs, habits & patterns. I help my clients find healing & empowerment so they can create a life they truly love.

I've been in the health & wellness industry for over 15 years now. But it was back in 2020 that I decided to really take it to the next level. This is when Nanala Cove was born into existence.

After going through what was the most heartbreaking & dark period of my life- the thought "I just need to create my own sunshine" popped into my head.

Since then, I've made it my mission with Nanala Cove to create a safe haven & light source for individuals desiring to create their own happiness. Think of Nanala Cove as a beacon & guide to help illuminate your vision towards making your dreams a reality.

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